Frequently Asked Questions

I am a curvy woman. Do I need to lose weight before I try a pole class?
Not at all. Vertical Academy Workouts can help you lose weight. Share your particular concerns with your pole instructor before class begins. We can offer modifications should you need them.
What should I wear to a pole fitness class?
We recommend tight fitting shorts, also know as yoga shorts, booty shorts or boy shorts. They will allow you to grip the pole with your inner thigh and they can be purchased at various retail stores, online or in our studio. You'll also want to wear a form fitting shirt. As you progress through different levels of pole, you'll want to wear a sports bra or form fitting half shirt, so you don't slip during intermediate or advanced pole moves. We realize that not everyone feels comfortable wearing shorts. Please recognize them as a necessity for performing pole fitness safely, just as one wears a helmet when they bicycle.
I've participated in pole classes before, why do I need to take Vertical Academy Workout's Vertical 100 pole class?
Only for your safety. Each studio emphasizes different technique and our instructors must ensure that you have mastered the introductory techniques that will allow you to perform more advanced vertical tricks and choreography safely. We typically offer our 101 class immediately following our 100 class. Assuming you successfully complete our 100 class, you're welcome to stay and participate in our 101 class as well.
Are your pole classes geared towards professional pole performers?
Not at all. Our clients are extremely diverse in age and life experience. If you haven't taken a pole class, we can guarantee that you'll be surprised by the diversity you see in our pole studio.

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Inspiring. Confidence Building. Strong. These are the words that come immediately to mind when I think of classes at Vertical Academy. I’ve taken pole fitness classes at other locations and haven’t felt the same positive energy that I’ve felt at VA. The instructors are incredibly inspiring and supportive but challenging. Whether you have never even touched a pole and even a little intimidated or are an advanced pole fitness dancer, you will be challenged and supported by attending VA. If you’re looking for fun and empowering fitness routine that embraces your femininity while making you sexy and strong, The Vertical Academy is your place! I’m always excited to go to classes each week! Thank you VA!

Erin M., Pole Fitness Client -Denver, CO.