Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

Focus on floor work and basic spins in this slow and sexy workout. High heels are a must!

In this all-levels class you'll focus on floor work and basic spins, all while wearing high heels! With the lights low, you'll work at a slow and sexy pace, and we guarantee you will feel like "Hell on Heels"!

Great for: Creating choreography, floor work, and basic spins.

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Thanks to the Vertical Academy Workout for introducing me to my new workout obsession…pole! I admit that I was skeptical of this type of workout at first, but once I tried it I became hooked. This workout has improved my strength, flexibility, grace, and self-confidence. All of the instructors make you feel comfortable and their enthusiasm is contagious. The classes are always fun and everyone supports each other. At the end of every class, I always think I cannot wait to learn another move or spin! No matter what your skill level is everyone can do this workout. I’ve heard people say that they have to get in shape before trying pole, but I think that this is a great way to get in shape!

Laura M., Pole Fitness Client - Denver, CO.